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Welcome! This Web site is primarily designed to introduce instructors, students, and technical personnel to the books I have written over the years. The texts cover three main subjects: (1) electrical power technology, (2) the International System of Units (SI), and (3) Macroeconomics.


Stocks and Flows in Macroeconomics

NEW!   (and UNIQUE)
This 323-page book analyzes macroeconomics in an entirely different way. It displays functional flow diagrams that enable the reader to visualize the behavior of the macroeconomic system.It shows the monetary flows and real goods flows that link the Households, Firms and Govern-ments into a coherent whole. Numerical values enable you to quantify economic inflation, invest-ments, savings and deficits.

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ÉlectrotechniqueElectrical Machines, Drives, and Power Systems

NOUVELLE 4e ÉDITION! Ce livre d’étude et de référence vous donnera la réponse à toutes vos questions en électrotechnique.
1215 pages.

NEW EDITION! A broad-ranging and easy-to-understand textbook and reference book for technicians and engineers.
934 pages.